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The ILDC, a 501(c)3 non-profit group here at Indian Lake, has developed various playgrounds within the Indian Lake State Park system for many years.  In 2019 the group began to develop the concept of a playground at Fox Island State Beach.  Just as this was beginning, a group in Bellefontaine worked with the Logan County Board of Developmentally Disabilities (LCBDD) to build an inclusive playground where children of all abilities could play and have fun while learning through social activity and building muscles, skills and relationships.  The former Kaleidoscope Park was demolished and a brand new playground called "Come Play at the Peak" was built and completed in October 2019.

As Indian Lake had very few playground pieces that all children could play on, the ILDC Fox Island playground committee joined with the LCBDD and committed to build an all-inclusive playground.  The park will be known as "Come Play at the Lake" park on Fox Island State Beach.  This is ILDC's most ambitious playground project to date with a cost of over $250,000.  Funds pledged and raised as of January 21, 2021, are at $148,000 

During the year 2020, with shutdowns, lockdowns and stay in place orders, we found out how truly valuable play, exercise, and social interaction are to our children's development.  PLEASE  prayerfully consider a donation to this worthwhile project.

​Cynthia Defibaugh, Bi-Monthly Mission Chair for

Fox Island Inclusive Playground